Sadly not much choice for a reliable economical small cute 4-door hatch with a big sunroof.

2008 Saturn Astra. Only sold here for one year, not too many, and even fewer with the fun roof, prices still high. Almost definitely the most reliable and economical of the three, except for the purchase price.

first-gen Forester. Easiest to find at a fair price. Poor mpg due to huge engine and mandatory AWD that runs ALL the time; it’s not FWD by default like it should be (at least it can be disabled with a fuse). Is there room to work around the sides of the boxer engine? Like changing the spark plugs and head gaskets?

Audi A3 hatch. Classic poor VW reliability, and the automatic is a stupid DSG that’s 10000x more complicated even by automatic transmission standards. But it has to be considered because there aren’t too many choices for small car big sunroof. Probably decent mpg with the 2.0T (TDI prices are still too high as it wasn’t sold here until much later in the run), and AWD isn’t mandatory.