DD, Track, Burn: Two-Wheeled Luxury Cars Edition

This time around, let’s do motorcycles that are wholly unsuited to DDing or tracking... but you’re going to have to pick them anyway. Three continents, three engine configurations, and you probably know which three bikes it’s gonna be anyway. And, everything’s going to be new.

2017 Honda Gold Wing Audio Comfort Navi XM ABS

Photo: Honda

This is basically everyone’s first thought when it comes to the luxobarge of bikes. You get a 1.8 liter flat 6 with 118 hp, just about every luxury shy of an automatic transmission and air conditioning (including cruise control), and a reputation for killing tires to the point that people just run car tires all the time - the 933 pound weight might have something to do with it. And, for this trim level, you’re paying a MSRP of $28,979 for the privilege.

2018 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited

Photo: Harley-Davidson

Now this is Murrica’s take on the Gold Wing. The engine’s a bit smaller, at 1.7 liters, it’s a fair bit less powerful, at 92.5 hp, and it’s a V-twin (because of course it is), but the bike’s a bit lighter (910 lbs), and, well, Murrica. You’re going to pay between $26,999 and $28,049, depending on color, and more if you’re in a California emissions state - so it is a bit cheaper than the Gold Wing...

2016 BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive

Photo: BMW

Ah, the Harley and the Gold Wing weren’t expensive enough for you? Ze Germans have the answer, with worst dollars per cc ratio in the pack, at $30,395 / 1649 cc, or $18.43/cc - although, seeing as it’s a 2016 still (I’m just going off of BMW’s site, though), maybe you can get a deal. This time you get a straight six. In a motorcycle. You also get all the luxury stuff you were expecting, plus keyless ignition. And, at 794 lbs fully fueled, it’s by far the lightest of the luxobarges, and at 160 hp, the most powerful by far - maybe the extra cash is worth something.

So, I have a suspicion of what everyone’s going to track, but what are you dailying, what are you burning, and is anyone going to surprise me on the tracking? (FWIW, in reality, I would not see myself owning any of these.)

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