Good afternoon amazing people of our beloved Oppositelock! So today I prepared a little bit more difficult challenge today for everyone. There are 3 choices, and some of you may not have seen or have heard of one of these cars before. To make things easier this vehicles are made during the millennium. Let’s get started. (Plus who doesn’t love the Stagea emblem?)

1st up is the Saab 9-7X Aero. It has the LS2 V8, and is a Trailblazer SS with all of the Saab goodness you have grown to love and expect. Plus it is slightly lower than it’s SS sibling.

2nd is the W12 VW Phaeton. This is the big boy designed to take business in a hurry to their meetings while not drawing too much attention.


3rd is the R63 AMG. I used to see one of these daily years ago, and would have gladly traded my car at the time for it.


Let’s hear those choices good people!