DD used Leaf, am I crazy?

I’ve read the articles on how cheap used Leafs (Leaves???) are, and I’d consider it. First, I differentiate between task driving and pleasure driving, so I could see myself having an appliance type vehicle to buzz back and forth to work, and something else fun...in fact, I already have the first, I have a rental spec 2005 focus that I’m still driving because it hasn’t given me a reason to get rid of it (yet....but I’m always keeping my eyes open in case something goes kablooey) In honesty, if I had to pick one do-everything vehicle, it’d probably be a Colorado/Canyon or Taco (bring back a good Ranger, please?), but for 10K, I could swing a Leaf and push the truck down the road a few years, then keep both. Use the Leaf as a commuting appliance, and do fun things with the truck.

What am I missing? I mean, obviously, a battery pack going bad is a gamble, but even at 6K, it wouldn’t be the end of the world for me. What else is there with these things, are they turds? Also, how well does the heater work in cold midwest winters? TIA, brown volvo wagon for your time:

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