De-Rusting: Part 2 (Picture Heavy)

I made more progress on repairing the rust on the Chevelle today. When we left off, the fender had been trimmed and a patch panel cut to “too big.”

First approximate fit

After some more cutting and a whole bunch of trimming, the patch fit! And after even more trimming and generally-messing-with, it fit properly - or so it seems at a glance:

It may look the same as the last picture, but it’s a solid hour of fine-tuning the fit later.

Upon closer inspection however, there is an issue. The patch panel, being a patch panel and not, say, a cutoff from an original fender, isn’t quite right.

Sharpie marks unrelated, left over from initial “how much more do I have to take off to make this fit”

With the wheel opening edge aligned properly, the door gap edge came up short; likewise moving it to align this left the wheel opening wonky. This wasn’t entirely a surprise; I noticed this being an issue while still making the panel fit in the first place and had time to contemplate how it fix it before it needed done.

The correct solution, of course, is a hacksaw.

Why yes, I did have trouble getting it started. Thanks for noticing. (My blade is too coarse for 16ga)

I was originally going to go the whole way to that silver mark, but decided at this point that it was adequate. After some careful application of force...

Imagine like 5 iterations of “bend a little, test fit” before this point.

Any remaining unevenness there is well within the thickness of the steel to be able to smooth out post-weld. The lighting (and tape-edge) of the above picture makes it look like it has a serious “<” but it’s not bad.


This leaves us where I left off for today, ready for a final cleaning, clamping in place with the gaps just right, and the first handful of welds to hold it in place. With any luck, that will happen tomorrow evening.

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