It’s been a while, but in March, I asked Oppo how much having a thoroughly dead A/C system would effect the car’s price:

To catch you up, my car, a ten year old AWD Ford Freestyle, would have private party KBB value of $3,800, cost of repairs were estimated between $700-1500 depending on shop. General consensus was to start asking around $2,800.

I listed it at $2,700 on Friday afternoon. I mentioned the dead A/C three times including a warning that it needed more than a refill.

Had a person offer $2,500 on Saturday morning who then had issues getting the money. And then a person who looked at it on Saturday afternoon and offered $2,600, which I took. I went to the second persons house as a courtesy and I got a bit nervous because her boyfriends brother who was a car mechanic was there and I worried he’d try to make a big deal about small issues. To my surprise, he said “this is the best thing you’ve looked at, maybe flush the coolant, and this motor mount looks worn, and the valve cover has a tiny leak.”

So all in all, I sold the car at $100 under asking price within 24 hours.

Also, selling a three row somewhat modern AWD, automatic, crossovery/wagony/SUV thing was way more painless than the 944. Just a bunch of polite women who read my whole ad and asked to set up a time to see it. Shocking.