Did some more work on the Bug yesterday. My goal was to get the rear compartment QuickRoofed. If you need a cheap,very effective Dynamat-like sound deadener, check out QuickRoof.

But to even get to that point, I had to remove some super gross 48 year old carpet and then scrape the remnants. It looked like this:

Sorry for the bad picture. It was hotter than hell in the car and muggy to boot. That Dagobah-looking swamp crap on the back was left over after I ripped up the carpet. After hours of scraping with a busted-up putty knife and scraper, it got to this point:


I vacuumed up the remnants and started to lay down the QuickRoof. This is what it ended up looking like:

I have more work to do, more surfaces to clean and cover but I am happy with it so far.


Thanks to 1967beetle.com and Chris Vallone for the tips and ideas.