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deadly dreams

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My dreams last night were insanely vivid and trippy. Dreamed my parents and I went to a public haunted house and the first floor was essentially an art installation with the previous home owner’s artwork all over... stuff like old fridges rearranged like you see in modern art galleries, 50s and 60s era paintings and drawings, had this whole art-deco vibe to it.


Then we went upstairs but my mom said “it is supposedly carcinogenic up there.” We went anyways. This was supposed to be more scary. I opened one of the bedroom doors and there’s one of those hyper-realistic humanoid robots. It was an old man lying in bed watching TV just blabbering all sorts of nonsense. My dad tried talking to it and it would pause when he spoke, so it was almost sentient. I looked out the window and there was a mile long graveyard. Went to another bedroom, this one had some weird art installations that were really creepy and strange. Stuff hanging from the ceiling, graphic banners, fetuses, the whole gamut of all such things. I looked out the window and there’s a pool party going on...

Go back to the hallway, there is a giant sculpture of a deformed scary cat hanging off the wall. One eye was stitched shut, the other green and abnormally large.


Not sure how I just made up this entire house and artwork in my head asleep but it was quite invigorating.

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