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Dear Netflix subscribers: Thank you (investment content)

I just looked down and realized the stock was trading at $272.

I paid $8.45. That’s a 3,200% return.



Oh, wait...because at every step of the way, people said it was overvalued.

Other than that and a few others, I’m a pretty defensive investor and I’ve been preparing for a long recession for the past couple years (Netflix is a part of that strategy, actually). I still believe the market is artificially propped up by underemployment, cost-cutting, and the false hopes that the current tax plan will translate into more disposable income for consumers. I’m skeptical, but I’m also not selling much — just keeping a healthy amount in cash, REITs, and blue chips for when the day of reckoning comes.


Full disclosure: this is all in retirement/college accounts. In real life, I’m barely making ends meet. It’s hard to watch sometimes...

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