So I’ve gone through a bit of a deluge of car choices from the failed ELR experiment to the an aborted mini jcw play to going back to old Audis. All of them lacked something and I think I’ve finally arrived on a car that lacks nothing: the FiST. And my god they’re giving these away right now, 0% APR too (though I took the cash price and went a grand lower).

Small for a city but a hatch with 4 doors = good. 6 speed = perfect. 30mpg = smart. wahh pissh = wahh pissh. standard and optional equipment levels? higher than the mini at half the cost.


I think I finally found the next long term.

Until a Focus RS winds up in my lap haha. (speaking of, I signed the papers for the ST and I ran into a random FoRS on the street. How serendipitous lol)

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