So I went to change the oil in the Suburban yesterday. Salient note for the story - bought it CPO last year after Harvey and first two oil changes were free at the dealer courtesy of GM.

Needless to say the drain plug was on TIGHT. They had to have used an impact wrench to put it on. It required the use of the big 1/2" driver to finally get it off.

On to the filter - had to use a filter wrench and completely deformed it getting it loose.

OK, downhill from here, right? Nope.

Got the plug back in, screwed on the filter, making sure to only tighten it hand-tight. In the back of my mind something said “hmm...seems like it went on really quick, I didn’t have to spin it as much as I thought...”. But I ignored it and moved on to filling it with oil.


Oil in, filler cap back on, visually check the plug and filter, and start it up. Within a second there was a sound like a sprinkler spraying water, and I shut it down.

You guessed it - in my care to not over-tighten, I didn’t get the filter on all the way and it sprayed out from around the base of the filter.


Now I’m not a master mechanic, but I’ve changed the oil in cars plenty of times, this has never happened.

I’m lucky my brother in law (across the street) had a nice pile of sawdust from ongoing woodworking to help clean it up. As many of you know, a little oil sprayed around goes a long way.


As I try to teach my kids - it is ok to make mistakes, but try not to repeat them (and clean up after yourself). This one won’t happen again.

TL;DR - I’m an idiot and didn’t get the oil filter on all the way the first time.