Driver side panel hanging off.

Hey all, I had some warranty work done to my car last week. They replaced some interior door panel that was separating on the driver side. As I was driving the car home (I know I should have checked there but it was a long day) I noticed it looked like one of the exterior panels that guides the front of my driver-side window was coming off. Upon further inspection, it’s definitely coming off, and I saw some scratches on the plastic.

I took some pictures and sent an email to the 2 separate service department employees I’ve dealt with most. It was to the point, I did add some emotion which I’m not proud of but it wasn’t anger, more sad. But basically I just asked, “What do I need to do to get this matter resolved?” and attached pictures. Later this weekend, I noticed there were more of the same scratches on the plastic around the same location on the passenger side.


Now, I mentioned in my email that I thought they might have damaged it while putting the driver side door back together. But, it may be that they did some sort of wash or cleaning or something after the service that caused this. I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that the scratches and the damaged piece were not that way when I dropped the car off. I also take lots of pictures of this car and my most recent are fairly clear without damage from 3-4 days before the service. Nobody has responded to my email yet though. It’s possible both men are out, or even no longer work there for some reason though I’ve only had the car 4 months and have dealt with them pretty recently.

What should I do next? I’ve worked 29 hours the last 2 days and in places without cell-service. So I can’t generally call during work hours until maybe Friday. Should I leave a voice mail? Do I need more proof, or to do something else to make sure I’m not ripped off?