As 2017 comes to a close, dealers try and get rid of their remaining 2017 MY vehicles. There are times when they are unsuccessful and end up with last year’s models still sitting on the lot. This can be a boon to someone looking to save money on a brand new car and who doesn’t mind that it’s technically the previous year’s model. However, what happens to those cars that don’t get sold? Well some sit around until they sell, or don’t get sold, like these 2015s sitting at a Mercedes dealer near me. So what interesting leftover cars can you find? I’m not talking about MY 2017 cars, I’m talking MY 2016 and older that have been sitting around for some time. I’m also not thinking about exotics where a special edition Ferrari might sit around for a while. I want you to go and find that one new 2013 Corolla still sitting at a dealer lot. If there’s enough participation, maybe I can do a top 10 AOTD, like they used to do for QOTD back a few years ago. Bonus points for a car sitting around that still has a markup, like a Focus RS or something. So get to searching for the unwanted leftovers.