Dealer Rant

Almost spent $200 on a visor because it was covered under warranty, then it wasn’t, then it was again.

Got an oil change 2 weeks ago, brought up that visor had broken on one side. I have an extended warranty and the guy said “we’ll get it sorted for you”. Got an email that the part came in then had it installed this morning.


“Its in, that’ll be $200.” “I have a CPO and the other guy said it was covered.” “Um, let me check with the manager.”

*leaves for a half hour*

“I called Mazda and they said you’re only covered for powertrain now.” “Wait, how? I’m not at 4 years or 48,000 miles.” “You’ve done over 12,000 miles since you got it.” “I got the car with only 12,000 miles, so your saying my CPO warranty miles ran out before the regular warranty miles did?”


*leaves for 5 minutes*

“You’re good to go”

Picture from lunch because #memories.

Illustration for article titled Dealer Rant

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