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Dealer service scam: opinions wanted

So a dealership I almost purchased a car from sent me an email shortly after saying essentially “hey, sorry the purchase didn’t work out, we’d love to be your service dealer”. Make sense, good business practice, I get it. Then another one, reminding me for service on a car I purchased in June. Then I just got a third (fourth, fifth?) and I noticed the text of the email saying that service is recommended every 90 days! Am I alone in thinking that this is some next-level fishing for ignorant people? A scare-tactic to get unnecessary service on brand-new cars? Oil and tire rotations are every 7500, some other items at the 15000 marks. Do they assume I’m hitting 100+ miles a day, five days a week?

For some reason I’m struggling to let this (IMO) bullshit slide, and am either thinking about trolling back to get more info (“Really? What do I need replaced on my 4month old car immediately? I’d love to spend my money at your dealership!), or just straight up passing this forward to honda corporate.


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