the place i bought my car from was a pretty decent place (nice people, nice cars easy process) but I feel like it could lose that ‘used car lot’ feel if it upgraded its facades. It only took me like an hour to get to this point which is basically the box of the building and the doors/windows.

I thought of doing a quick render and sending it to them. Worst case scenario they say ‘um ok thanks bye’ or they say yea lets do that and I get a job out of it.

Their site says they have 266 cars in inventory including this thing:

and their building looks like this


, I think that roof is more or less decorative and could probably just pull off. I thought just by taking that off and adding a new facade material, the building would jump so far in street appeal. Another idea is to add some sort of canopy would be nice too. It would be kinda cool when you take the car home its waiting under a glass canopy.

so i start googling and come across this interesting specimen. This isn’t what i’d do, just thought it was cool


this ones like an industrial ‘A’ frame ski cabin


and then I saw this,

which reminded me of this


which led me to this

so I dont know if this whole idea is worth putting time into or not. it would only be a couple more hours.