So I’ve stumbled into niche car land with this: A 2018 Camaro SS 1LE. Apparently it’s more difficult for a dealer to find one of these than a ZL1 (No, I don’t want a ZL1's price tag.) I suspect it’s that dealers cannot be bothered to find a car not in their inventory, or just don’t want to sell cars. More after the break.

So I started out at dealer A, who really wasn’t interested in selling much of anything that wasn’t a new Silverado. They didn’t even have a 1SS Coupe with a manual on the lot (not all that shocking), but they did have the convertible. I drove that, it was good enough, and the coupe should be even stiffer.

I’ve had another dealer, dealer B, (Who *had* a single SS 1LE on the lot) ask me what it would take to get me to buy that particular one he had.

“The entire color space of the universe will need to shift, such that Nightfall Gray Metallic becomes Hyper Blue Metallic.”


I’ll give him credit, he actually wanted to sell a car...

I have yet another dealer, dealer C, offering me an allocation slot to special order to my exact specification for $5000, non-refundable, but applicable to the purchase price when delivered. The proposed purchase price is $900 under GM invoice (but they still get their holdbacks and ad fees in the deal). Interestingly, their holdbacks and margin on this model only add up to about $3500.


So I’m calling dealer B back (who had the gray 1LE) to see if he can either get a car on a dealer to dealer trade (which he thought they could get worked out, but now it’s not too sure), or if they are willing to offer an allocation slot (They have more volume, so that shouldn’t be an issue for them).

What happened to “What can we do to sell you a car today? Can we order with the factory if we don’t have what you want?”


A car is generally the second largest purchase you make. Why wouldn’t you want to get exactly what you want?