Finally took the Avant in for its yearly oil change today and I remembered the “condition report” I got from the dealer when I took it in for the airbag recall interim fix back in Feb. Besides the usual tire wear, brake situation, etc. it included this recommendation:

Kind of a bizarre pairing there, especially when many more items were broken off into their own categories, such as replacement wiper blades or rear brakes that only have like 4 years-worth of driving for me left. “This minor piece of interior trim seems to be broken. Oh and you may also lose your brakes and die in a horrific ball of fire next time you get on the highway.


And it wasn’t just in this section. Further down in the comically-priced estimate is this line. No further breakdown whatsoever:

Now, usually when somebody says I need a new master brake cylinder I will at the very least ask about it. But I decided I was not going to entertain this silliness. Guess I’ll find out what the actual situation is today from my indy.

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