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So I have been considering a GTI as my next vehicle. Since I now have a full time job with decent pay, the wanting is even more so. I saw a post on the main page earlier today about GTI pricing being super low due to sales, etc. Just looking on autotrader/, there are several base models on sale for $19,xxxk. That’s 7k off MSRP. My only issue is that these dealers are 300+ miles away, and being my first new car purchase, I want to keep things local and easy. However, all around here (Columbus, Ohio), dealers want MSRP or just under it, so $25k+.


Is there a way to make dealers match pricing with other non-local dealers? Or just suck it up and have someone go with me?

Also, is there anything I’d be missing by getting the base ‘S’ model? Everything looks the same besides leather.

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