When I stumble across things like this, it really makes me wonder.

Who is responsible for this? Do they just not care? Are they expecting to move this car based on the huge volumes of foot traffic looking for what is a track prepped(I think) car?

My assumption is that there is a salesman at Johnston Toyota who manages online listings. I'm also assuming he saw this car and just didn't know what to say or do. So, let's slap it up there with a price tag that will begin a thousand questions. But, we are sure to provide no answers!

How does a dealership end up with this car? Did they take it in trade? That would be ridiculous. But then what? They built it but don't know anything about it? I know I'm asking too many questions here, but it's rupturing my brain.

The ads literally say nothing of use about the car, except that you'll really love getting over 30mpg.