Last friday night I picked up my new truck. Yesterday i got the survey in my email, so I went online and completed it. While I was generally pleased and chose to do business with them because of good experiences in the past, they didn’t do everything perfectly and my scores reflected it. In fact, the exact truck i wanted was at another dealer that is closer to my house, but because I did not have a good experience buying a car there in the past, i drove an extra 45 minutes and had that dealer go get the truck. All in all, a good experience, but they made a few mistakes: wanted a tonneau cover, they ordered the wrong size. truck looked like it was just run through a car wash and not detailed- could still see sticker residue on the windshield, water spots all over the truck. Pretty sure the F&I guy screwed me out of a factory incentive by not offering financing through the manufacturer’s bank. (i would have ended up screwing him, though, if i took it. i would have financed to get the rebate, made 2 payments then paid it off. Dealers get charged back from banks when that happens because they get a kick back on the interest.)

So anyway, this morning I get an email from the customer service rep at the dealership saying that i will be getting a survey soon and to please give them all 10s otherwise they fail, and if i won’t be giving 10s to please let her know what she can do to fix the problem. Sorry, but you’re too late. and i still don’t have my tonneau cover.