The dealership I take mine and my wife’s vehicles to has sold their Mazda franchise. They were a Mazda, Kia, Volvo dealer with a heavy emphasis on Kia. Well, the emphasis got heavier as they’re now just a Kia dealer and some unnamed dealer two doors down took on their Mazda franchise.

The new dealer doesn’t have an official name and barely has a website. I called them today and they have records of my 6 but not my wife’s CX-5. Sigh. So now I have to take our vehicles to this new place I don’t know or trust when I had developed a relationship with the other dealer. It was where we bought my 6 and they knew my wife and I and our vehicles very well.

And we are due for oil changes soon, and my wife’s CX-5 has an open recall that needs to be addressed (liftgate struts). I guess we’ll see how the new dealer does then. It better be good, since we have to travel 40 miles to get there.


There is a Mazda dealer in our town, but they sell mostly Fords and barely any Mazdas. They keep 4-5 Mazdas in stock, ususally. And, they don’t know Mazdas well at all nor do they care to. To top it off, they keep zero parts in stock.

This local dealer changed the oil in my wife’s CX-5 for us once and I vowed they’d never do it again. They left such a mess under it that I thought it was leaking oil. Nope. They just spilled some and never cleaned it up. That adds to the numerous other horror stories I’ve heard about there. Hence why we take ours to the dealer in the neighboring city.

Here’s the new dealer’s website:


The new dealer’s website prominently displays the RX-8, Mazda’s most unreliable vehicle ever. And one that’s been out of production for eight years. Smart move for sure...

Sometimes, I wish we’d have just bought Hondas or Toyotas so we could go to the dealer here in town and not worry about it. Having relatively uncommon vehicles gets annoying.