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Sorry for the wall of text, I don’t want to post any compromising pictures and I don’t have a lot of people to vent to.

Today marks the end of my second full week as an express tech at my local Nissan dealer, as an express tech I change oil and rotate/balance/mount tires as well as all the cleaning and miscellaneous grunt work around the shop. I took a pay cut from $13/hr and 55-60 hours per week to $12.00/hr and a strictly enforced 40 hrs a per week (with around $300/ month in sales based bonuses so maybe it will even out) but I went from being the biggest fish in a shit filled pond (instant oil change) to being the smallest fish in a much bigger pond.


The good:

I actually have a future here, the hierarchy goes from express tech to level 2 tech which covers brakes, warranty work, and post delivery inspections (to save the gravy for the flat rate techs) and then to the line techs who are flat rate and have designated bays. I’ve already surpassed every other express tech in terms of my online training (I stayed up all night for two weeks taking tests while my peers were sleeping and doing drugs) and prior experience so I qualify to be a level 2 tech.

Most importantly, the service adviser is great, he understands and values his techs and he told me he wants to move me to an apprenticeship as fast as possible.

I got to move a customers r32 GTR around the lot and take a manual 370z nismo to fill up the tank.


The bad:

The express adviser who is my direct superior is like a rat on cocaine, exactly like one there is no better way to describe him.


My fellow express techs are not people I enjoy being around, mostly fresh out of high school with dreams of working on GTRs they are sloppy, unorganized, and think they are better than me just because they have been here longer. Even worse, the line techs are simply dicks, they don’t want me to succeed because then I will be competing with them for precious flat rate hours. They don’t answer questions, refuse to help, and sometimes even purposely mislead me and taunt me or throw me under the bus when the express adviser comes around. Luckily I have a thick skin and the level two techs have quickly become my friends otherwise it would be very hard to learn here.

I don’t care about leafs versas altimas sentras rouges and muranos  I want to work on Mercedes!


I’m nearly 22 and I make a shit wage doing work that is far beneath me and it seems like there many months ahead of me while I wait for a open apprenticeship.  

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