For most car guys the first thing they do to their car, when it becomes their’s is remove any sort of dealership stickers, or badge on the car. It’s your car you shouldn’t be charged with advertising for some crappy dealership. However most people don’t care enough to vacuum there cars carpets, or avoid the universal parts section of Autozone, so they are not going to take the time to remove a sticker that was on the car when they bought it.

This one is by far the best I’ve seen its for Fox Ford in Grand Rapids Michigan.

It’s actually well thought out, and nice too look at. the worst would be RhinelanderGM,min RhinelanderGM Wi, my old homertown. Who plaster their website across the entire back window of their cars. Not exactly classy, of I was buying a car from them I would demand they remove that trash before I took delivery of the car.


So what are the best, or worst Dealership logos you’ve seen, on some uncaring pesent’s automobile.