Thankfully I saw more than a Lolcat yesterday.

This Viper wasatthe same dealer as the wannabe Hellcat. No price and had a dealer tag, so it must have been brought there recently.

Beautiful orange on this 911. A car like this should come in a shouty color and I think it suited it perfectly.


Brand new Mustang in a lovely blue, but with carbon fiber from the hood to the trunk. I liked it, but disliked the fact that they went to all the trouble of doing this on a car with a cloth interior.


Speaking of carbon fiber, these wheels were amazing. 2010 Continental Speed is what they were attached to. Unfortunately there was too much glare to get a decent pic of the car since it was in a showroom.

Mmmmm RS5. Always had a thing for these.


Ok, so this M4 isn’t very colorful, but still.