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Dealership Surveys

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I’m sure profusely asking your customers to give you 5-star ratings on every single thing after you hand them over the keys to the new car they just bought otherwise you “won’t get [your] bonus for this month” won’t corrupt the data at all; noooo sir, nothing wrong with this situation.


This 100% didn’t happen when I bought my BMW, but both times I bought cars from lesser brands (Hyundai and Chevy) the salesman droned on-and-on about it.

I get that it might be a tactic for management to make sure their salesmen are working 100% to their abilities in satisfying the customer, but how would you ever really know since the data is corrupt?


And stop emailing me to fill out your stupid survey 5x a day even after I unsubscribed from your mailing list!

End Rant.

In other news, I’m loving my truck so far. And so does my dog!

Haven’t technically taken it “offroad” yet, but that might change this weekend or at least will be taking through some gravel roads.


I’ve moved some stuff with it already (TRUCK THINGS!), but the shorter bed compared with my old extended cab Colorado is noticeable.

I was expecting it to be more practical than a car, but I didn’t realize until yesterday that there’s no trunk with a truck. Nowhere to keep stuff out of sight, out of the rain. A tonneau cover might crawl back some of this practicality, but not completely.

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