I know this will come as a TOTAL shock to you. But my 2019 Mustang GT developed a rattle in the top, right where the drivers side top latch connects into the windshield frame.

“A rattle in a Mustang?!” You ask yourself. I’m shocked as well.

I know this will come as a TOTAL shock to you. But the service advisor and the actual tech seem to be unable to communicate to each other about the location and circumstances around the rattle.


Today was my fourth trip to the dealer to get it fixed. I’m racking up some serious Uber charges here folks getting to and from work.

Shocked. A Ford with a rattle that can’t be fixed. Shocked.

I did bring this upon myself by buying a Ford.  I have to admit I was browsing used Lexus’s at Carmax today.....ones without rattles......


Here’s a buffer image of a pair of EPI 100's I restored a few years ago.

Illustration for article titled Dealership - What rattle?

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