could use some input from people who have more experience dealing with this.

My friend has a 2014 CLA250 and recently experienced an issue, that several others have complained about, where the car goes into a safe mode and shuts down, with no throttle response. She took it into the dealer, and they said they reflashed the ECU and it should be fine now. Understandably, she doesn't feel safe in the car anymore. It seems like all the cases of this happening are fairly recent (31 complaints with NHTSA), but there is no formal recall or TSBs from what I can tell. No deaths have happened yet, but it's not unreasonable to think that there will be one or more as a result of this issue.

Without anything formal from Mercedes or NHTSA (I'm guessing they're still looking into it), what are her options in terms of getting the car replaced or Mercedes taking it back/refunding? From what I've seen you generally need an ongoing history of issues before they will do anything like that, but I wouldn't want to be driving a car that could potentially have that problem either. Any help is appreciated!