My Fiat 124 Spyder will be paid off in two and a half years. I would absolutely love to exchange a check for ~$50k for a Guila Sprint TI RWD by that time. I’ll take mine in Montecarlo Blue Metallic with the red Sport leather seats, the performance package and a sunroof, all minus the two doors you currently offer and preferably with a stick shift in the USA (I might settle for a auto, but I need two doors only). I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is, so can you please make this a reality?

Thanks, ZachR

(( I’ve been looking at Alfas too much lately, and I really want to go test drive another one. If I could afford another car, I’d buy a regular Guila tomorrow to DD because the 124 is no fun in gridlock traffic in downtown San Diego. The 124 deserves to be a weekend car driven as roadsters were intended to be and I feel the Alfa would be such a better commuter car.))