Haha. You looked like a joke before absolutely unjustified and aggressive road rage—cursing me out next to me while going down the road. A car turning left, I get in the right lane first, then you afterwards (albeit slightly, but several carlengths back), and it’s me who is being tailgated, then threatened verbally, then brake checked. Then you continued at 50+ down a very congested 35mph road with dozens of turnoffs and lights per mile swerving in and out of traffic and almost knocking a guy off of his moped and rear-ending a few cars. But it’s fine, because we somehow ended up at the same place at a red light, and you visibly jumped out of your seat when I revved my engine in your blind spot. Then you went back to almost crashing into everybody trying to get home from work... even though the traffic was barely moving, you still managed to leave quite a bit of tire on the road. But it’s great, because maybe you needed to take a piss badly... which I would’ve greatly assisted with had that been the case.

As for the person who I was behind going 9 mph (yes, 9, although thankfully a “10” appeared on the dash once) on 25mph roads for a few minutes, I was too busy figuring out how to not stall in second gear because 1st gear was whining too much. The car behind me seemed intent on taking it out on my bumper. what a city of asswipes. Sorry for the rant, I have no one to vent to and there are more stories of almost-as-Neanderthal drivers on that 15 minute drive alone. Like the person who was turning left on a yield-green across a busy street onto my road and was almost smashed into my car by opposing traffic. Or maybe the piece of shit who ran a long-since red light almost side swiping me in an S class.