Ok.. Rant time!

Every day during my commute home, I have to flash my high beams at cars to signal people that their lights are off, (I’ve had a 99% success rate). It’s always the newer cars that have automatic lights that have this problem, but as an exception, I’ve seen some older cars as well, including some clapped out Corolla that was crabbing way more than it seemed okay!

I feel like I shouldn’t have to do this, It seems like it’s my duty as a courteous driver to look out for others, since others aren’t. I’m in a vehicle people are so judgmental about, (especially now with my mismatched front end and missing grille, hunting idle and misfire), and I’m being as courteous as possible.

Why do people turn their lights off when AUTO does it for them when it has to? Is this because of the “driving lights” and “parking lights” bullcrap?


I’ve had countless close calls because at least one driver snuck into my blindspot because they didn’t have their lights on.

Please.. If you’re driving, turn your damn lights on, and NOT YOUR HIGH BEAMS because those blind me too.


Okay.. rant over.

Have a Dream car of mine.