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Dear Ernie or Steve or someone in tech..

I'm sure you are aware of it now, but something have gone horribly wrong with kinja. Posts disappearing, people not being able to commet, the button used to log in and reading comments stops being a button (the icon is there, but does not work as a button), more 404s than you can shake a stick at, notifications not showing up until 3 hours after they should've and then they won't go away...
I know we keep joking about kinja being a massive clusterf*#%, but I can't rember seeing it this bad before, atleast not over such a long time period.

And there is a few other strange things as well, it's utterly horrible on my iPad and on my mac (chrome on both), but not nearly as bad in Linux Mint and firefox, as for Win 7 and IE? Well, I can't log in at all.

I understand that tech must have a massive s*#%load of work to do when something like this happens, but would it be possible to write a short article and give us some information on what's going on and an estimated time on when kinja will be operating as intended?


Note: this is not a demand, nor is it a rant. This is a free site after all, it's not like I pay anything to use it and I'm very pleased with how fast you guys fix things. But it'd be cool to know what's happening. And if you guys need help with testing on different platforms just shout.

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