Much like the Prii purchasers of the late 90s and early 00s, your sacrifice in vehicle purchase has led the way! You are trailblazers!

In the same way that (mostly the second gen) of Prius becoming a legitimate hybrid vehicle (proved through buyers opening their wallet) is leading to a whole new crop of hybrid super cars, hybrid SUVs, all electric cars, etc etc etc.; your sacrifice to buy an early Ford hot hatch has shown Henry's successors that the US really does deserve the RS.

As future RS owners "pwn" you lowly ST owners on the streets and rally circuits, I hope they remember their roots. Instead of flipping you off as they AWD drift past I hope they give you the sort of cordial wave one should for an ol' gramps in his horse drawn cart of a Focus.

So let us all raise our glasses in a toast, TO FOCUS ST OWNERS! Just remember, even though the RS passes you by... you can still whoop my ricer butt any day.