This Chemical Guys video on cleaning door shuts.

He’s got a car inside, clean and dry.

Then he says.

“we’re on the final step of the detail for this car for our customer and they requested that we clean and detail the door jambs”.

He’s doing the door shuts but as you can clearly see, the underside of the sills are filthy.

No mate.

You do that much earlier in the wash stage.

Order of detail. Engine bay if your going to dry detail the engine, spray with 303 Aerospace to dress and close the bonnet.


Wheels, the wheels get done early so any brake dust and contamination doesn’t get splashed back onto the cleaned vehicle.

Now the car exterior itself,

Degreaser along lower edges front end (where the bugs are) and up the tailgate, and door shuts, agitate the door shuts with the brush,


Pressure rinse,

Snow foam and use a small detailing brush and degreaser/all purpose cleaner, spray product onto brush and go around all the nooks and crannies (panel gaps, grille, door handles, window surrounds and rubbers, etc...),


Pressure rinse,

Then go onto the two bucket method, pressure rinse then either decon the vehicle and rewash or dry with a towel or drying aid.


Doing the door shuts after washing and drying the exterior leads to over spray of product when spraying the shuts, runs of product down onto the cleaned sills, you’ve now got a mass of dirt and grease that could of been removed way more easily much earlier in the wash cycle.

He then goes onto the engine bay later on, WHAT!!!

He starts wiping down the engine bay then says “I’ve got all kinds of like leaves and stuff in here”, ye’, because you should of removed those earlier, if necessary by using a vacuum cleaner to get to the bits you can’t reach with your fingers.


These are supposed to be professionals.