Dear god some people are thick.

Placed an order for McDonalds on Ubereats, an hour ago.

Five minutes ago a courier on a bicycle comes up on the screen on Shaddongate (some five streets away or so), he heads onto John Street and then left onto Church Street, the complete opposite way to McDonalds, gets all the way up to the corner of Stanhope Road before realising his error, turns around.

Back down Church Street onto Castle Way. Now before getting to Castle Way he could’ve crossed the road and used the cycle path street into the city centre and up Castle Street, but no, he went along Castle Way, up Tower Street, followed Drovers Lane then up Lowther Street. He’s done ten minutes of extra cycling (with some steep bits and busy traffic, that he needn’t of.


Now he’s heading east, when he should be heading south.


He’s now heading north on Lowther Street, the complete wrong way from me.

He’s now heading the right way, will he take the cycle route to my house or the steep hill and traffic lights on the busy junction?


Of course, he’s taken the hard way. Idiot.


Well that explains him not taking the cycle routes. Even though it says he was on a bicycle, he was driving an old Nissan.

The only time I’ve not given a tip and only two stars.

Two Big Tastys, one BigMac and large fries.

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