Drive free or die? What the fuck has gone wrong with you Jalopnik? You've lost your edge...

Getting close to a decade ago I stumbled upon a website that was purely about the cult of cars. But it wasn't just cars, I discovered Americans with the same love of cars, bikes, tractors, V8 hemi-powered SR71 Blackbird jet engine starters... whatever the fuck stirs the ire in my Aussie hoon sensibilities... they loved. They loved Aussie cars, embraced the Aussie word 'hoon'. That blew me away... there's yanks who know what a Holden is let alone their knowledge and love of utes. So I joined the club and became a 'Jalop'.

Over the last decade, Jalopnik went from strength to strength, from one esoteric commenting system to the next. Many writers have come and gone, but with a heavy heart and a bit of trepidation, I have to say to the majority of the latest bunch of writers; Harden the fuck up you bunch of girly men, you are ruining Jalopnik.

Some of you have become preachy do-good grandmothers. Posts like Raphael Orlove's whining (again) about some asshat biker getting away from the cops, makes me embarrassed to say I'm a Jalop.


Jalopnik's joie de vivre was it's edginess. It's irreverent tongue-in-cheek style. It was Calvin pissing on the badge of conformity, a hoon. But now has placed itself upon a pedestal of self righteousness, staring down upon others who live upon to the fringe of law. It was the cult of cars, now it's a church.

Raphael, do you have some kind of beef with bikers? Have you been stuck in traffic too long and got jelly? Just joking, but are you circumspect about biking in general in any way? Bikers AND drivers alike, do bad things sometimes... Just remember biking is a Darwinian enterprise; the bad ones don't last that long. The good ones can get away from the filth.


Bad drivers... Are good at making business for the body shops.

Anyway, you are all exceptional writers and I hope this criticism can be taken constructively. I love Jalopnik, I've been a champion for their cause and I really don't want this to be my valediction but I've lost interest.


Perhaps come and see my ramblings on in the near future.

Don't take life too seriously.