I love the fact you exist, even in your weird and sometimes useless forms like Apple Maps. I like the surprises that we can learn from you like...that road is actually just a one way street, or that that other street doesn't actually connect to the road we need to get to.

I find it amusing that, from time to time, you will actually suggested a spiraling route that does go where we want to go, but in the longest, strangest way possible. It's okay...don't feel bad, you're still new to this world and can't really claim to have the real working knowledge of the jaded daily commuter...BUT...don't suggest I take a route that is known for is clogged conditions. Don't do it when you live map is showing that the road is at a stand still. Don't start making noise when I choose to deviate from your favored routes based on shortest route, because in Southern California traffic, and probably other areas as well, the shortest route is probably not the fastest one...it is the quickest way for me to delete you from my phone. I will strand you in the electronic limbo that spawned you. And then, who will you be there to help?

Thank you,

Mr. Ontop, Driver of Roads.