Let’s have a very brief talk about something.

Relationships are very difficult. If what Im about to say is a new concept to you, youre not prepared for a relationship. If youre in a relationship currently, you had better be in it for the long haul. The journey is long and difficult and you need to be well equipped with the correct vehicle.


If youre in a relationship, you are obligated to be supportive. Support can mean many things, so in the comments, I want you to define what it means to you to be supportive.

I want Oppo to take this very seriously.

I had a very serious altercation occur tonight which required me to support my girlfriend in ways I have both never had to do before, as well as things I do not enjoy doing. Oppo does not need to know anything about the situation, but I want Oppo to check in and be honest with me and each other.

So Oppo, what does being supportive in your relationship mean to you?