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Dear Oppo: Help with Mass Airflow modifications please

Alright, so I haven't posted much about this, but I am dyscalculate. This is a learning disability where I have a huge problem with numbers and math. It is very roughly equivalent to dyslexia, only in broad strokes since math is everywhere blah blah high school teachers were right.

Anyway, naturally mass airflow stuff is hard math - none of this "number and direction of strokes for hiragana" or "how to tie a knot" soft stuff - and I could really, really use some help.


To be clear, this is specifically for the Honda CRV I'm converting to E85, and the knowledge and experience I gain from this will be applied later on to other projects in the future.

Most plug-in E85 conversion modules merely modify the mass airflow readouts. Some of the better ones might contain an added sensor or process these things in real time, but for my purposes I'm fine just clipping wires and soldering some things manually.


On top of that, I'm going to need to become more competent with this stuff if I'm going to do things like switch to larger throttle bodies and so on. Now is the time to get started.

I am going to manually advance the timing of my vehicle from the distributor. I have added a new air intake - pictures and proper Oppoprojects post forthcoming - and I justneed to richen the fuel mixture. I may or may not do some crazy injector swaps after my Ion gets on the road, but considering I need low-RPM performance and I will rarely hit WOT over the course of this particular tune I am making the call that the usual larger injectors will not be necessary. This is not a typical performance tune, this is an in-town delivery vehicle that occasionally has to go off pavement. I'm doing this for the fuel economy as well as for the practice.


Does anyone know what I need to do do change the signalling from the sensors, and can anyone boil it down into speech that is friendlier to my impairment? From my very rough understanding of this technology - please remember I'm used to working with OBDI cars and not this OBDII wizardry - all I need to do is intercept the voltage coming from whichever sensors my vehicle comes equipped with. My question is, intercept where, and how? Increased voltage? Decreased? Can I just stick a potentiometer on it and hope for the best?

Alternatively, can I just buy a new sensor that's been calibrated differently and stick it on there?

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