For those who have followed and commented on my E36 post found here:

I think I may have been bit by the BMW bug. My E36, known in my inner circle as “Aquanetta”, is a car I’ve fallen madly in love with. So much to the point that with the recent lease I’ve signed on a new apt complex, which allows us more than 2 cars, that I’d like to set her aside and acquire a different DD. She will be relegated to weekends and “fun” driving, and will be the subject of light-to-moderate modifications and cosmetic updating.

What has recently caught my eye, is the apparently just-as-well-regarded, E39 5-Series. Specifically, the 540i; for V8 power of course. I DO like the E60/E61, but I don’t want something as new since we are attempting to save to purchase a condo in the next few years. Believe me, a 535i IS tempting, but I don’t want to mess around with BMW turbos.

This vehicle would also be the “family car”.

So far, one local CL listing has sort of caught my eye. Not that it’s a particularly good or informative listing, but it has a vehicle in what appears to be....“Imola Red”...?

A photo in case/when the listing goes down:


Sexy color.

I haven’t done enough reading to be able to distinguish at a glance, whether or not any vehicle is an M-Sport model. But M-Sport is ideally what I would like. Especially since my E36 is non-sport.

Opinions and advice are welcome. Happy Sunday!