Dear Oppo, these trim clips are the best thing ever.

I just used the last 2 I had to reattach the front splash shield under mom’s car when she hit something in the road (no other damage, it just popped her splash shield out and the original clips were lost) and it reminded me how easy they are to use and how much I like them!

Buy these if you need trim clips - no tools required to install them or remove them (though SOMETIMES you might need a flathead screwdriver to pop them back out when they are latched in). They hold tight, they’re cheap, and they are pretty easy to find!

If they are, indeed, a GM-style clip and GM came up with them...well, good job GM!

It’s been about 1.5 years and they’ve been holding my rear mudflaps on nice and solid since I had to take them off one winter to fit slightly larger-than-factory tires!

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