The rules of this competition are simple. It must be a car, truck, or other four-wheeled civilian vehicle that is or was in series production- no one-off customs.


0. Being On Oppo

Have a Corvette, because MURIKA.

Worst in Show:

1 LaFerrari HotWheels


1 One-77 HotWheels

2. Second Worst in Show:


1 Lamborghini Reventon HotWheels

3. Third Worst in Show:

1 caricature/drawing of winner in whatever car they so desire.

Best in Show (or I Entered the Wrong Damn Competition):

1 full-resolution wallpaper of a Stingray Vette- my best piece of car pornography, with no strings attatched other than a CreativeCommons NoCommercial license.


Entrant Door Prize/Read to the End of the Post Prize:

Have a Camaro.