We've all been there. You need your car and it's broken, and you either don't have money for the part, or it's obscure and hard to get, and would take too long to get there. So you get creative.

I personally have two. The first took place just a few days ago. I just replaced both front struts on my wife's Mazdaspeed 3, and while I was working on the passenger side, I noticed the inner CV boot had a small hole from which grease had been leaking. My solution? I pumped the boot with my grease gun, wrapped the boot in saran wrap and secured it in place with zip ties. It will work for now, until I can get a new boot.

The second one is definitely crazy. I once had a B5 Audi A4, and if you know anything about those cars, you know that their control arms go bad about every 15 miles or so. My car randomly started shuddering while driving on the highway, and after inspection I found that one of the sockets where a control arm connects to the hub had fallen off of the ball. I ordered a full control arm kit, but it happened on a weekend and the parts wouldn't arrive until Tuesday or Wednesday. So, I popped the socket back over the ball and wrapped it to the hub with 3 giant zipties. Believe it or not, those zipties held my suspension together without issue until the new parts came in.

So what "There, I fixed it" moments have you had?