Dear OPPO, what's your favorite camera angle?

When playing your favorite driving game/sim, which camera angle/view do you choose? My personal favorite is the hood view. When I was a kid, I always played in the behind-the-car view, because that was standard on most Need For Speed games and the consoles at Chuck-E-Cheese. When I finally started playing GT4, I became accustomed to the camera on the bumper, but finally went with the hood view for multiple reasons. For me, it gave a semi-realistic view from a driver's standpoint; I always found in-car to be too distracting and the field of view too restrictive. It also gave me a good sense of where the tires were sitting on the road, as well as the direction the car was pointed. I've tried every camera angle available in the pictured game, Dirt 3, and always got the fastest times with the hood view.

So, which is your favorite and why?


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