I love you all.

But I love Onyxia a lot more.

Know how people always insist Porsche made all the 997.2 GTSes they could? Yeah. That only applies to the C2GTS and PDK. Also, “purists” who insist RWD is the only way? You have no idea what you’re talking about and you are dead fucking wrong.

Onyxia’s name is too fucking appropriate. She is a fire-breathing, world ending monster. There is no Porsche that drives even close, because if there was, nobody with a clue would even consider it. No, the C2GTS is NOTHING like the C4GTS 6 speed. No, the C4GTS PDK is NOTHING like the 6 speed. No, the C4GTS is NOT EASIER. It is MUCH HARDER. I have logged nearly 2000 miles, the alignment was set the way I wanted before I left, and I am still having trouble with the oversteer/understeer boundaries. Yes, there is a specific inflection point for both.

You have never driven a car like her. You almost certainly never will drive a car like her. Because there is nothing, nothing like her. Remember how my number one complaint with the C2GTS was rear end hop, and number two was “moar power”?

Yeah. Onyxia’s tail doesn’t wag. Period. No matter what.

And I may be relabeling ‘SPORT’ to ‘OVERKILL’ when I get home.

p.s. I know exactly how fast I can go in 3rd. I will not repeat this number, because one of you may be a TN or KY State Trooper or something.