I respect your opinions and you respect mine.

Sometimes I'm a little dense. I get butt-hurt over sarcasm. But I still write my opinion honestly. I don't however, spend my time prowling through Oppo articles making people feel like idiots. Stay classy y'all, this ain't high school. Constructive criticism.

I literally don't get sarcasm. I'm working on it.

Needless to say, just like in any community, I feel that I've grown somewhat from interactions and good times with you all.


Sometimes I write about things I see in starkly my view, and I am told that I am a complete idiot for holding said view. Ok, I can deal with that. But like, in a constructive manner. I would hope I would continue receiving that from you all. ..... *Cough* Some of you guys can be complete assholes. But I'm going to assume the best and guess that you were in a bad mood. I'm here to learn.

I'm hoping to pursue a side-career as a photojournalist so I use this as a daily journal or scratchpad of my thoughts, etc.


I'm going to lessen but stop not posting random crap to Oppo, but I was wondering, could you all follow my Kinja and give me feedback/ideas on topics I should research/write about?

I'm going to start writing movie reviews, more JGilbert Photography drops, and Stories. Give me ideas! Help me become a more entertaining/informing writer!


Thanks for being my online family.