When I left work yesterday I saw your handy-work, not really thrilled. Thankfully I mention your 'humor' to my wife, who said you put in on the car [the latest] Monday, because she added the 'no!' part. That still leaves you as a culprit for the rest of it.

Why do I not find this funny? Because I don't know you, or if I did, you think out friendship is way bigger than it is. The first time someone wanted to be funny (pic below) I could attribute it to one of two coworkers.

Well those two coworkers haven't been in the office at all this this week, so it couldn't of been them. Therefore, the culprit is someone who thinks they need to send an unnecessary message to me.


Here's a fun fact, 5% of my trip home consists of dirt roads. One that has been recently regraded so dirt flies all over the place. After a year of living on such roads, you realize washing your car every time it gets dirty is sort of pointless. So I don't see a great need to spend money just to make my car look nice. In fact, I like the car dirty. It helps bring out my inner 'wanna-be rally driver'.

Signed, someone who knows where you work.