Please remember that you are an ambassador of automobile and tuning enthusiasts, so it tends to be a good practice not to drive aggressively and recklessly on public roads, especially in crowded lunchtime traffic.

I don't know what set you off or why you directed your ire at myself, my passengers, and my vehicle, but following inches off my back bumper - or anyone's, at any time save perhaps on a racetrack, where aggressive driving is permitted, if not encouraged - was unwarranted, uncool, and was worrying to myself and my passengers, all of whom expressed appreciation for your Tangerine Scream Focus ST, even if we thought your smoked taillights were foolish and your overly-loud blow-off-valve a bit silly and juvenile. Maybe you were trying to impress the young blonde lady in the front seat, but she seemed more intent at flipping us the bird when you drove past. Neither of you were intelligible when we signaled "What the hell?" at the stop light with open and spread hands, and flipping us off didn't help. The white SHO in front of us couldn't drive any faster with the gold Malibu maxx and the score of other vehicles in front of them, and there's only so much room on Lindbergh Boulevard at any given time.

If I encounter you again, FoST driver (who appeared to be of Asian descent, in case any of you have seen him or know him), I hope you have a good explanation, and hopefully an apology. Then we can talk about your apparent enthusiasm for interesting fun hatchbacks, how you came to choose it, and what you hope to do with it next. Maybe a racetrack run to work off some of that aggression?