Hello, my has it been a long time since I last saw you, not that I’m any happy to see you anyway.

Jeep, isn’t it just great? So protective of me what with its great height and width, it kept you away, at a safe distance of about 100-130m from me. I felt safe with jeep, protected from the likes of you. Sadly me and jeep broke up, and now I have to be reminded that yes, you do still exist. My friends were right about you, you never let go: even in Sunday traffic is your shadow cast.


What is your disguise today? An angry cab driver? an inpatient Audi driver, or perhaps a bus behind schedule? I saw you hidden behind a black hummer, angry that I had grown powerful enough to outpace you, agile enough to defend myself from your recklessness, and savvy enough to let you go, something you could never do yourself.

I hope you stop, Tailgate, because I am very patient with you, but many people aren’t. At your wit’s end you will be the one paying the heavy price of the insurance deductible.

With hate,


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