I have seen the light. And I am probably not going to purchase any "new" tech item for the next few years. Here are my ranting thoughts why.

-Yay, finally we reach 1080p but, HTC One I cannot do with your irreplaceable battery, and GS4 I can't deal with your rear facing speaker. I will update my gs2x, but only when it breaks and I need a replacement. Hopefully by that time, there will be some offerings which compromise in areas I deem less important.

Video Game Consoles
-Fairly large 4k tv's are on the market in the $1500 range already. Granted they aren't name brands by any stretch of the imagination, but why on earth do the next generation of consoles (that aren't even out yet) not support this higher resolution standard?? I can wait a year, if you stick us with 1080p console gaming for the next several years, I'm sorry, but I'm not in the market.

-Ati's new flagship graphics card offers 4k gaming! Thus creating the first justifiable reason to actually purchase a 4k tv. But, after browsing through Nvidia's page, I'm going to hold off on these purchases as well. I'm very excited about Nvidia Grid. This kind of technology is exciting. It helps justify a multi thousand dollar computer tower purchase since you can stream to any screen in your Nvidia friendly home. Wife watching 19 kids and counting again? pull out your super phone and enjoy max Crysis 3 in full 1080p! (ya ya I know control input issues etc, but who cares! now a cheap/old laptop's gaming experience can be as pleasing as a brand spanking new gaming rig.

-Although the new ATI card offers the first solution, all the new 4k tv sets really don't have any content whatsoever. Further, it's 2013! And still most of my cable channels aren't even hdtv. If by the time I purchase my 4k tv and there still isn't a 90% adoption rate of 1080p I'm seriously considering dropping my Cable service (ahaha who am I kidding, the wife/son would kill me).